Dacom International Srl – Industrial Supplies

Dacom International S.r.l is a company specialized in industrial supplies of flanges, valves, fittings and related accessories for the offshore, food and pharmaceutical petrochemical sectors.
Dacom International S.r.l is able to satisfy requests for flange construction and pipe fittings according to national and international standards UNI / DIN / ASA / API / MSS.SP / BS / AWWA in alloyed carbon steel, for low temperatures and stainless.

The experience gained in the sector allows us to guarantee a high quality of the supplied product for which we are able to perform any type of testing LLOYD’S / DNV / BUREAU VERITAS / ISPEL.
The valve supplies are purchased from the most qualified producers in the world in order to maintain a high standard of quality and a fair quality / convenience ratio.

The great experience acquired by Dacom International S.r.l over the years allows us to guarantee a quality and convenience service, confirmed by a progressive increase in the orders we provide. This is witnessed by and guarantees the CSQ and IQNET certifications achieved by Dacom International S.r.l that recognize the entrepreneurial skills of a company that has been able to optimize its organization by providing efficient management, suitable structures and adequate skills.

It follows a work culture based on professionalism and intelligent management shared by the whole company.
The products treated by Dacom International S.r.l are documented in detail in the website in the “Products” area through catalogs and technical sheets divided into categories: Industrial valves Flanges for industrial pipes Industrial pipe fittings
so that they can be easily identified.

Following an “abstract” of the treated products:

VALVES – VALVES Threaded Valves – Flanged Valves – Food Valves – Special Valves – High Pressure Valves – Naval Valves – Actuators – Gate Valves – Fused Gate Valves – Disc Valves – Ball Valves – Valves Valves – Butterfly Valves – Valves double body – Flat body valves – Wafer type wafer check valves.

FLANGES – FLANGES Flanges UNI – Flanges ASA – Flanges orifice – Flanges ASME: Flanges flanges, Flanges to pocket to weld – Flanges threaded – Flanges sliding – Flanges to weld overlap – Flanges to welded head – Flanges to collar – Flanges to collar butt welded – Flat flanges – Free flanges with support to be welded on head – Free flanges with support to be welded to overlap – Flanges to be welded on the head.

FITTINGS – FITTINGS UNI / ISO Fittings – ISO Curves Welded – UNI / ISO Series rounded edges – Shoe inserts – 3D saddle curves – Straight cut 3D curves – Concentric reductions – Excessric reductions – ANSI Tee and bottoms – ANSI fittings – 3000 Series fittings and 6000 – Threaded fittings – Reinforced leads – Sockets weldings fittings.