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Dacom International S.r.l. is able to satisfy requests for pipe flanges constructions according to national and international standards UNI / DIN / ASA / API / MSS.SP / BS / AWWA in alloyed carbon steel, for low temperatures and stainless. The experience gained in the sector allows us to guarantee a high quality of the supplied product for which we are able to perform any type of testing LLOYD’S / DNV / BUREAU VERITAS / ISPEL.

Following is a summary list of flanges for industrial pipes marketed by Dacom International S.r.l .: UNI flanges, ASA flanges, orifice flanges, ASME flanges and flanges API. The documentation with the complete specifications for each type of product can be consulted from our catalogs via the side menu.

FLANGE UNI Dimensions of flanges according to UNI 2223 Bolts for flanges from PN. 6 to PN. 64 General supply and tolerance standards for flanges according to UNI 6100-67 Flat flanges to be welded to overlap Flanges with welded flanged collar Flanged flanges Free flanges with support collar to be welded on the head Flanges free with support ring to be welded to overlapping Threaded collar flanges Sealing surfaces for step flanges UNI 2229-67 Flanges with interlocking UNI 2225-67 Version SM and SF Flanges with interlocking UNI 2226-67 Version DM and DF

FLANGE ASA Flanges to be welded on top – Welding Neck Flanges Flanges to be welded to overlap – Slip-on Flanges Flanges – Blind Flanges Flanges to be welded – Socket Welding Flanges Flanges – Threaded Flanges Flanges – Lap Joint Flanges

ORIFICE FLANGES – ORANGE FLANGES Working tolerances of A.N.S.I. Dimensional tolerances for A.N.S.I. Flanges Finishes contact faces – Flange facings

FLANGE ASME B 16.47 Head weld flanges – Welding neck fl anges Blind flanges – Blind flanges Flanges for butt and overlap welding – Welding Neck Flanges and Slip-on Flanges Flange tolerances – Dimensional tolerances for flanges Flanges with collar – Hub Flanges Flat Flanges – Ring Flanges FLANGE API Flanges API TYPE 6B FOR WELDING – API TYPE 6B WELDING NECK FLANGES Flange production range – Flange production program

The customers we turn to belong to the following sectors: Food, Shipbuilding, Cements, Thermal power plants, Chemical, Gas pipelines, Industrial plants, Naval, Off-shore, Oil, Refineries.